Cash Flow Management

Master your cashflow.

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It’s time to make your money dance to your tune.

Ever felt like payday arrives, and before you know it, the money’s gone? Or wondered where all your earnings disappear to? That’s where cashflow management comes in! At Mobius Wealth Management, we’re all about helping you be the conductor of your money orchestra, ensuring every dollar knows its place and purpose.
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Cashflow management is simpler than it sounds.

At its heart, cashflow management is:

  • Seeing the Big Picture
    Imagine a bird’s-eye view of where your money comes from and where it goes.
  • Making a Plan
    Like planning a fun day out, but with your money. Ensuring you cover the essentials, save a bit, and still have some left for life’s pleasures.
  • Staying on Track
    Like a GPS for your finances, guiding you to make the best money moves every month.

Cashflow success stories.

Referred to Chris Scriva of Mobius Wealth Management from family. He assisted us with our cashflow and I cannot believe how easy his process has been to implement and how efficient it is with my cashflow.


65+ years, Wynn Vale, SA

As we are getting closer to 60 with my husband turning 59, Chris talked us through some quite complex strategies and eased out mind of how to use them for our own benefit. We are in transition to retirement and it is working really well for us.


56 – 65 years, North Plympton, SA

Your money, your story with Mobius

At Mobius Wealth Management, we believe your money should be telling your story, not the other way around. With our cashflow management service, you’re the author of your financial narrative. Let’s co-write a bestseller where your money dreams come true!

How Mobius makes cashflow management a breeze.

We’ll help you navigate life's twists and turns.

  • Unexpected Bills
    When surprise expenses pop up, we help you navigate them without derailing your financial plans.
  • Changing Priorities
    Maybe you’ve decided to study again, or you’re welcoming a new family member. As life evolves, we adjust your money plans to match.
  • Special Treats and Spends
    Planning a getaway or thinking of a big purchase? We’ll guide you on making it happen without financial hiccups.

Make money matters simple.

The life you want shouldn’t have to wait until retirement.
At Mobius, we’re here to demystify everything from debt management to tax strategies, helping you achieve your dreams sooner.