Debt Management

It’s time to unlock
debt-free living.

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Making debt work for you is possible.

Debt can be like a double-edged sword. On one hand, it helps us get things we need or want sooner. But if not managed well, it can feel like a weight around our necks. At Mobius Wealth Management, we help turn this weight into a stepping stone, guiding you to a brighter financial future.

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What is Debt Management, Really?

Think of debt management as your personal GPS for all things debt-related. It’s:

  • Getting to Know Your Debt
    Just like understanding a friend, we’ll help you know what you owe, to whom, and by when.
  • Making a Game Plan
    Together, we’ll draw a map that gets you out of debt, without missing out on life’s joys.
  • Saving on Interest
    Nobody likes overpaying. We ensure you don’t pay a penny more than you have to.

Debt management success stories.

Chris has taken the time to get to know and understand my personal circumstance. He has given me way more time than what I expected. I am addressing my investment properties and share portfolio with Chris, along with establishing a debt plan.


35 – 45 years, Wynn Vale, SA

Chris assisted us with some debt planning strategies over the journey that allowed us to save significant amounts of interest. We also engaged Chris on redundancy and now retirement planning with access to Centrelink. We now have confidence in our financial future with a plan in place over the coming years.


56 – 65 years, Paralowie, SA

Your debt-free journey with Mobius.

Debt might seem overwhelming, but with a friend by your side, it doesn’t have to be. At Mobius Wealth Management, we’re that friend. We believe in making your journey to being debt-free, simple, and hopeful. Together, let’s turn your financial dreams into reality.

How Mobius helps you manage debt.

Life happens, and that's okay.

  • Unsteady Income
    If your income isn’t the same every month, don’t worry. We have strategies to make your debt manageable, rain or shine.
  • Changing Times
    If interest rates go up and down, we’re here to help you navigate those waves, ensuring smooth sailing.
  • Unexpected Events
    If life throws a curveball, like a sudden repair or medical bill, we’ll help ensure it doesn’t derail your financial journey.

Make money matters simple.

The life you want shouldn’t have to wait until retirement.
At Mobius, we’re here to demystify everything from debt management to tax strategies, helping you achieve your dreams sooner.